Wohlfühlmaschen für Groß und Klein

Feel-good stitches for young and old

Our book was published on September 21, 2023 by Stiebner Verlag in Munich.

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The successor to our first successful volume. This book includes 33 patterns for adults and children, many sweaters and jackets, overalls, hats, socks, gloves and more. All tops are knitted top down, as a raglan or with a round yoke from top to bottom in one piece.

Stitch dreams from the north: The new knitting patterns from Stroff Knitting

There's news from SPIEGEL bestselling author Sjöfn Kristjánsdóttir and her knitting label Stroff Knitting! After her first knitting book (“Quickly knitted for young and old”) made it straight onto the bestseller list, the shooting star from Iceland’s creative scene is following up.

In “Feel-good stitches for young and old” There are again a variety of easy-to-follow knitting instructions for the whole family , from babies to adults. The special thing about the instructions from Stroff Knitting is that they are easy to understand and simple to structure, while at the same time having sophisticated design details. The label specializes in knitting for beginners , but advanced knitters can also find appealing projects with airy lace patterns or cable designs.

  • New knitting instructions in sizes 0 to 10 years (children) and XS to XL (adults)
  • Timeless knitted models for the whole family , even with collections for partner looks (for example the popular designs “Glück” or “Frost”)
  • Suitable for every knitting level : both beautiful knitting ideas for beginners and exciting projects for advanced knitters (such as knitting lace patterns)
  • Knit an elaborate sweater or a simple hat: Thanks to detailed knitting instructions, knitters can expand their knowledge with this book.

Nordic knitting - clearly explained

Stroff Knitting comes from Iceland and interprets Nordic knitting as a timeless, Scandinavian clean look. Of course there are “feel-good stitches for young and old” also a few models with single-knit patterns for multi-thread knitting. But the majority of designs impress with their simplicity and sophisticated details. If you like knitting a sweater in one piece, you will find numerous instructions for this technique. Raglan from above is also explained in detail, as is the knitting of the lace pattern for the “Glück” collection.

No matter whether you have only recently started knitting or have been knitting for years: in this knitting book you are guaranteed to find the right model and the right instructions for your taste and knitting level!

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    Wohlfühlmaschen für Groß und Klein

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