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Hygge kids sweater

Hygge kids sweater

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This pattern is available in German. After payment, it is immediately available for download. Here we have created a guide to buying our samples.

This sweater is worked as a raglan from the top (RVO) in one piece and without seams, first in rows to be able to close it with a button at the back and then in the round. The matching trousers are available individually or together with the pullover in a set .

Katia Merino Baby, Drops Baby Merino, Lana Grossa Cool Wool, Sandnes Lanett
Or other yarns with the same gauge

yarn consumption

Size color 1 (brown) color 2 (beige)
0-3 months: 50g (165m) 50g (165m)
3-6 months: 100g (330m) 100g (330m)
6-12 months: 100g (330m) 100g (330m)
1-2 years: 100g (330m) 100g (330m)
2-4 years: 150g (495m) 150g (495m)
4-6 years: 150g (495m) 150g (495m)
6-8 years: 150g (495m) 150g (495m)

Please note that the amounts of yarn given are only a guide, as we all knit differently in terms of tightness and looseness.

The stitch gauge in this sweater is 26 stitches over 10 cm. For me, this corresponds to a needle size of 3.5 mm.

You need that
Circular needles size 3.5, 40 and 60/80 cm
Size 3 circular needle (60 cm)
Size 3 and 3.5 double pointed needles
Crochet hook size 3-4
Darning needle for sewing
1 button
stitch marker

Body length from the sleeves
0-3 months: 14.5cm
3-6 months: 17 cm
6-12 months: 19 cm
1-2 years: 21.5cm
2-4 years: 25cm
4-6 years: 29 cm
6-8 years: 33cm

chest circumference
0-3 months: 47cm
3-6 months: 51cm
6-12 months: 57cm
1-2 years: 64cm
2-4 years: 68cm
4-6 years: 73 cm
6-8 years: 80cm

Arm length from the bottom of the sleeves
0-3 months: 11.5 cm
3-6 months: 13cm
6-12 months: 15 cm
1-2 years: 17.5cm
2-4 years: 21cm
4-6 years: 27 cm
6-8 years: 32cm

sleeve circumference
0-3 months: 16cm
3-6 months: 18cm
6-12 months: 19 cm
1-2 years: 22cm
2-4 years: 23.5 cm
4-6 years: 25cm
6-8 years: 26 cm

After successful payment you will be redirected to a page where you can download the pattern directly. You will also receive an automatically sent e-mail containing a link to the download page. Sometimes this email ends up in the spam folder - so we recommend checking there first if you can't find your email with the link.

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    This pattern is available as a PDF download. It can be downloaded via a download link after confirmed payment - when paying via PayPal this happens immediately; when paying by bank transfer the order is only confirmed after receipt of payment.

    We currently accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer (advance payment) to a German bank account.

  • Payment

    After successful payment you will be redirected to a page where you can download the pattern directly. You will also receive an automatically sent e-mail containing a link to the download page. Sometimes this email ends up in the spam folder - so we recommend checking there first if you can't find your email with the link.

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